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More Photos from around the Lancashire area to share with you.


This page is to concentrate on the wonderful seascapes around the Lancashire Coastal area. This batch covers mainly the Fleetwood area.

Boats in The Distance

This is one of the boat scenes that was taken at Fleetwood, durring the winter months. Dispite of the day being a little overcast, the sea was quite calm.

Fishing Lines

This one was taken just of a couple of fishing lines awaiting their catch from the shoreline at Fleetwood. Fleetwood attends to attract quite a lot of interest from Sea Anglers.

Headin' Out To Sea

This pair of Mallards where spotted swimming and bobbing up and down on the Ocean Waves. They seemed to be heading out in the directions of the Emerald Isles. Wonder if they made it or if they gave up the task?

Shakin' All Over

I could not resist this one, I took this of a Golden Retriever trying to shake himself dry whilst still stood in the sea. Both my friend and I could not stop chuckling at this one.

Testing The Water

This was one of the shots I could not resist, this youngster just dipping his toe in and out of the pool left by the tide going out. He kept shouting "Brrrr! Its Cold" But he still had to keep going back for more.

Wild Waves

This one was taken on a rather blustery day, and the sea certainly let you know with the way that the waves where gathering great speed and hight. The Kite Surfers even had to come in as the waves where getting a little too strong for thier saftey.

This is one of my favorite images
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