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More local pictures

Here are yet a few more photos taken from around the area to where I am living. I have a huge love for being out in the country, and living in an area like Chorley, there's not too far to go before you reach somewhere nice to explore.

A Woodland Walk

One of the attractive woodland areas quite close to Whitnell, one of the villages close to Chorley.

Pond Weeds

This is one of the many pictures that I have just recently taken at Worden Park, Leyland. All this growth was coming through the water in the pond, giving much needed cover to many of the parks water creatures.

The Hut

This is one of the little huts in Worden Park, this one belongs to the Outdoor Model Railway to which runs through a good part of the large park.


All these trees grouped together was one of the many photographs that I had taken durring one of my visits to Worden Park, Leyland, just a couple of weeks ago.

Adoring Son

My friend Norma and her son James whilst on a visit to Worden Park, Leyland a few weeks ago. Norma is a little bit of an artist, she had chosen that day to work on a weaping willow tree, her son James had decided to come and have a look at what mum was doing.

The Pavilion

The PAvillion and booking office for the kids to book their rides on the model railway. I quite liked this building, stood quite proud hidden amongst the trees.


This one was taken of a single buttercup in the grounds of the flats to where I am living in Chorley. This one was one taken as an experiment using the shorter range of my lens'