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A continuing travel through the many photographs I have taken over a period of time, displayed here for you to enjoy.

This page is a mixture of some of the local views that are not too far, mainly from the Chorley area of Lancashire. This gives you some sort of idea to what my local area is like as a little place.

Dreamy Days

This photo of St Georges Church, Chorley was taken on quite a warm spring morning. I took this one through the cherry blossoms to create this rather hazy but dreamy look.

A Surf Kite
This is one of the Surf kits that I had spotted in flight, gracing the overcast skyline of Fleetwood, Lancashire.
Ocean Waves
This is some descriptive text.
Pink Rhodedendrons

This was just a bush with a few pink coloured rhodedendrons out in flower located in Worden Park, Leyland, Lancashire.

Sat On High

This is one of the photos I have taken of the wildlife residing in our local area, this is one of the many Magpies that visit us in our grounds at the flats to where I am living.


Just s simple field of buttercups! They were growing wild in a park close to where I live. I took this one for the way that the sun that day was beating down upon thier golden petals with a touch of refletion from above.

Winding Road

This is one of the many wonderful views, a house and a set of farm buildings just on the outskirts of Chorley, near to a pretty little village called Whitnell, still in the Chorley area. One of my close friends took me up there a few weeks back with her son. It was the first time in getting into this part of the Chorley area too, but I hope to go back some day when the weather is a little better.


Photos By Lynn-Marie