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Vintage Busses Return to Chorley

13th of April 2003 saw a one off occassion where the town saw the pleasant return of a variety of vintage busses for the day. This brought out a variety of curious people coming out to investigate just what was going on! This also provided a great learning day for many of the local school childern of the area getting to see and ride on the busses for the day. Not only many school children turned out, but also pleanty of bus enthusiasts, photographers and people just interested in reliving the past.

Vintage Bus Day in Chorley.

Chorley itself is quite a nice little old market town, well worth the visit for its markets, good shopping and eating, and of course its lovely parks. If you are taking a holiday along the Lancashire coast somewhere and want to visit somewhere reasonably quiet in the area, then Chorley is well worth a visit. It is only a short train ride from Blackpool. The journey takes aproximatly 30 minutes to get there and the trains are fairly frequent.

I moved to Chorley about three years ago from the Sheffield area. I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decissions of my life to come in this direction. I certainly find living in a smaller town to be much more quiet and friendly than that of a City life. Here is it so easy to get to so many nice places, whether coastal or to some nice country areas like the Lake District. At first I came here from Sheffield on several occassions for short breaks and started to fall in love with the area from the first moment I set foot here. I just felt as though the town was calling me!

Since coming to Chorley from Sheffield I have felt my life turn around in great style with much improvment. The move had lead me to attend Runshaw College to where I have taken up glass-painting, further development with computers through the learn direct courses and improving my photography skills in a much more relaxed and friendly enviroment, firstly through the assistance of an earlier course with Runshaw college, and then more recently with the aid of The Leyland Photographic Society, and the good help of a freind Paul Beard whom runs the Paul Beard Photo Agency.

Pamas Grass

This Pampas grass plant was photographed late winter 2003

White Primulas

A few more of the flowering plants I came across in one of the local Church gardens. Plants are a useful subject for any photographic student to practice their skills on.

Golden Daffodils

Also spotted in one of the gardens belonging to one of the local churches was this glorious bed of daffodils, creating a nice carpet of colour

Ejoying A Swim

I spotted this Canada Goose in the pond of one of our local Churches, here in the Chorley area. The Canada Goose is one of my favourite water birds! I just love their markings, they are also wonderful parent birds to their young too!

Getting Ready

Acting shot of a Kite Surfer getting ready for fun out on the big wide ocean at Fleetwood, Lancashire

KIte Surfing is one of the major sports in the Fleetwood area, whether you are a sufter yourself or not! Just going out to Fleetwood to be there amongst the action, provides great fun for everyone.

St Lawrences Church

This is one of the most scenic of the old Churches in my local area. St Lawrences as I understand has history surrounding it, that goes all the way back to Norman Britain.

Sleepy Swan

This is one of the many swans that I had come accross whilst out at Fleetwood. He seemed to be so sleepy! He did not notice my presence at all!

Dog On Wall

This black retriever collie cross just seemed to stand on the wall, seperating the beach and the san dunes at Fleetwood, Lancashire for some time.

Jet Ski Power

One of the sports that that are attracting lots of visitors to Fleetwood. Infact I will go and say! More and more people seem to be wanting to buy up property in the area for its good watersports facilities along the coastline there!.

The Ocean Wave

The Ocean wave is one of many photos that I have taken at Fleetwood this year. This one is quite tame compared to most of them! The size ofthe waves are what attract Windsurfers, kites surfers and Jet Siers in thier droves to this coastal town. They seem to head there most of the year dispite of the decline in the temperatures in the winter months.

Sat In The Sea!

This Golden Retriever was spotted sat in amongst the Waves at Fleetwood! Looking not to have a care in the world! No matter how much his owner calledd him! He just seemed to want to stay in there!

Shakin' All Over

Suprising to what the offer of a bit of chocolate will do! For ages this dog was just so contented to be sat in the sea just having the waves massage his back! Until his owner broke off a little piece of her Mars Bar! He soon got up! The daft Dog! Instead of shaking himself when he got out of the water! He just stood on the same spot to give himself a good old shake before pounding up to grab the tasty morcel!

Gathering Water

Gathering Water is an image that I took whilst out at Fleetwood, Lancashire. The two children had built a castle on the sands and built a moat around it, they then wondered down to the edge of the ocean to gather up water to fill the moat! Those two youngsters where certainly enjoying themselves.


Photos By Lynn-Marie Parkin