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Veiws of my local area
This page cotains photos taken in and around the Chorley, Lancashire area. I wanted to share with you, some of the joys and the beauty that surounds this little old town.

Woodland Walk

This is oneof the scenic Woodland walkways in the Chorley area. The woodland might only be quite small, but it has a lot of delights to explore. This is well worth a visit for any landscape or wildlife photographer.

Winding Road

Winding Road, was aptly named as this is typical of a lot of the country roads here in this part of the country. This is one that I rather like for its old rustic looking farm buildings, just adding to the scenery. This photo was taken near Whitnall, Chorley.

Bluebell Carpet

This one was taken in one of the woodland areas quite close to Whitnall in Chorley. I took this for the carpet of bluebells that just added charm to this little area.


This one was taken of one of the ponds in Worden Park, Leyland, not too far from Chorley. I took this for the variety of plants that where growing through the water and by the side of the embankment.

Catching Up On The News

I took this one, just on the spur of the moment. This is one of the many residents living at the complex of flats to where I live in Chorley. I just liked the way he was just sat there reading his paper, and contemplating on the events of the day.

Galloping Free

A Bay horse galloping around one of the paddocks. He was spotted chasing around the edges of a field with great feats of energy, whilst I was making my way over to Fleetwood, Lancashire for the day.


Whilst walking in the grounds of one of our churches Ispotted this lovely aray of carnations growing. I particulaly focused on just one of the blossoms, one of the pink ones as I thought that it just looked so inviting. The fragrance from these was ever so pleasant too.