A Friendly Introduction to My love of Photography
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The History of My Photographic interests.

From a tender age of 6 or 7 years of age I have displayed an interest in photography I can remember having being given an old Kodak 126 camera from my mother, just as something to play with, but my curiosity of this item got the better of my interest!

I just did not wish to play with the camera! I wanted to learn how to use it! I was a very inquisitive sort of a child, wanting to learn everything possible. So as fast as I got a little money in my hands it was off to the small pharmacy to where they sold films, and my first film would be placed in that camera. My practice subjects would be a multitude of animals owned by my neighbough, they had a dog and several cats and kittens to try to photograph! I look back on those early days with a camera in hand with great fondness.

Venturing Forward

That early experience has lead my interest in a photography on a larger scale than one would have first imagined. With this Website I hope to share some of my work with people that may choose to visit this site.

My photographic interests are quite varied. Besides my love for photography I also love to travel to many places of interest, so I will often include some of the places in this site that I have had the privalage to visit over the years.

In the near future I am looking at venturing into other lands to do work with my camera. One place we are looking at a possible trip to is Tenerife some time in the winter months to photograph what looks to be a magnificent seascape, and also interesting looking views.

If everything with the Possible Tenerife trip comes together OK, then I might start looking at other countries to add to the list of possibilities, as there are plenty of cheap coaching holidays venturing onto the continent from my local area to be made use of.

Besides my love of photography I love to do a little geographicle studies and studies on nature, tourism, learning a little more about our planet in which we are much a part, and hoping to do a little myself in preserving what we have today.

Mare and Foal, one of the many animal photos that I have worked on over the past few years. The mare in this photo with her three day old foal is a minature shetland mare. The photo, Mare and Foal was taken in the Spring of 2001 at the Camelot Theme Park, Charnock Richard near Chorley, Lancashire. Both these two photos placed on this page have gained international awads, from the International Library of Photography. Mare & Foal was awarded late last year, as Motor Racing has just gained an award this last month.

Motor Racing, this photo was taken around the summer months of 2001 at the Three Sisters Country Park, near Haydock, Merseyside. The race track used that day is usually used for motor cycle racing, so was a little narrow for the racing of cars. These are just the first two examples of what are about to come within this site

This year (2003) has proven to be a great learning and success period for me. I have always loved photography, not just taking photos myself but I love to see work of other photographers too. I think it is good to learn how other photographers work. It can be a great tool for developing your own skills.

One of my friends has a youngster, James, that has taken a shine to photography, so occassionally when he and his mother are free we will go out together as a group to see what we can find worth photographing.

James is more than keen to learn to work with SLR 35mm cameras, occassionally when we go out together as a team, I will give him a chance to have a go with one my cameras to give him the feel of handling a SLR. So far he is responding really well to SLR cameras and is keen to get his own camera, simular to the Nikon that I have been working with now faultlessly for upto 2 years. Please keep your eye on this site as we are looking at helping him to start to put some of his work into his own website and put a link in some where in this site to link his to mine.

Please Enjoy Your Visit

Also besides the travel there will be photos of animals and possibly people whom have become quite close to me over the many years. So as this site develops I hope you will enjoy your visit here and feel inspired by the work displayed.Please share your thoughts and feelings about the work displayed here, and let me know if you have other interesting ideas or websites that you have possibly found useful with photography


Some of the Places to be Included

Some of the places to be included in this site are of places visited throughout the UK, places like Wetherby, York, a variety of Yorkshire and Lancashire Coastal areas, parts of my home location, plus many other places of interest as I come accross them. This site will be an on going project, taking you in many directions.

I am a member of the Leyland Photographic Society. There we have a lot of interesting things going on, from photographic competitions, lectures and discussions. They have been a great help to me over the short time that I have been with them, also another great help has been the Paul Beard Photo Agency. I joined there about 12 months since, and along with the help I get from the Photo Society, I also find Paul and the photo agency an invaluble source of help and inspiration.

Wednesday the 14th of May 2003 was the end of Season night for members of the Leyland Photographic Society. This meant awards being handed out to various members. I was expecting two myself, but in amazment to myself I found that I had not just got two, but a whole collection of certificates to come. There was five from the annual exhibition. Three for slides, two for prints. Also two more certificates to come in the internal contest to which had been run throughout the season, one for slides and one for prints.

If you are wishing to go further in the development of a hobby with photography, I would highly reccommend joining a local Photo Society. Not only are the meetings a great night out, but I have also found them to be educational and a little fun too. Plus it is great to get together with other photographers of all levels and learn from their experiences too.

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Contacting Me

For any information regarging my work please feel free to drop me an e-mail at Pictoria2@Yahoo.com or alternativly Pictoria@fsmail.net. I will be more than willing to answer anything that I am able to. If you make contact please leve your name and details so that I can easily get back in touch Thanks

Lynn-Marie Parkin


All Work belongs To Lynn-Marie Parkin