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Photographic Enjoyment

I started to build up this site as a project from my local college. In doing so I have felt to learn quite a bit from this experience.

Eventually I intend to piece together yet another site to display even more photographs, and maybe slightly larger images than

I have been able to use here!
The photo featured here is a piece I took a while back that I have entitled, Windermere Sunset. A photo that I had taken by the side of Lake Windermere, up in the Lake District, Cumbria, early Autumn, 2002.

Tourism Research
Another thing that I have done a little with over the years was Tourism Research! Finding out wonderful places with a uniqueness well worth being put forward to the travel industry.

One of these such places I have always liked to talk about is a little Country Town in west Yorkshire, North of Leeds, and in easy reach from Harrogate or York, and that is Wetherby. I have mentioned Wetherby to so many people over the years and have only thought of Wetherby asjust being a NH Race Course! In fact there is much more to Wetherby than just the Race Course! I have visited the area on many occassion and over the years had fallen in love with the town and not for the race-course! ut more for the scenic river and little tranquil town that it is. It has many good places that are reasonably priced to eat. Most of the Pubs also have good eating facilities. One that I have used on a regular basis is the George and Dragon, right by the river bridge. They do really wonderful nutricious family meals at a really good price.

Another place that I like is Haworth, also in West Yorkshire that is very dear to my heart for its history surounding one of Englands most loved family authors, The Bronties. A family mainly of girls whom had a love for literature in general and have helped shape the way books where writed in those days. In thier writings they displayed a love for Haworth in the way they mentioned the many different places.

Still with the Haworth area, this area was also made famouse with the making of the classic film, The Railway Children. This was filmed throughout Haworth, and especially the Kieghley and Worth Valley Railway. This line still sees the steam trains running up and down there to this very day. It is like taking a step back in time to when things where that bit more simple and laid back.

There are pleanty of good places to eat in Haworth too! Especially the little old Tea-Rooms! to which there are a few. One of the nice things about the little old town is that early morning whilst walking about you can often get a wonderful aroma of home made breads and cakes which some are sold to the public! Yummy! A little taste of the old wonderful traditions. If you are ever out that way!Sampling some of the local produce is a must! I can say you won't be disapointed.

With this site eventually I hope to start to include some of these places that I have mentioned here. These will be included over a period of time with interesting articles about the places in question. Just a pitty I can not add the smell of the Home Baked bread and cakes to this site too! But may be then! You might all be begging me to go and bring some back for you! LOL. There has to be something special about little towns like this.

A Love of the Sea

Besides my love of the Country I also spend quite a lot of my time by the coast, especially over in the Fleetwood or St Annes area of Lancashire. They are relitavly quite and make for wonderful photography.

I have been known to spend days out in those areas just walking about looking for that moment to which will provide me with something interesting to add to the collection. In both places there are some wonderful places that ou can choose to eat when needed, and they are not extausionately priced either. I especially reccommend the cafeteria sat on the Pier at St Annes for good cheap nutricious food, and there are seating with a wonderful seaview too.

Lynn-Marie Parkin (Pictoria2@Yahoo.co.uk)